$42.00 USD

Vital Lab LIVESTREAM Common Shoulder Conditions Feb 19th

You are almost there!  Don't forget what you are getting:

  • LIVE via Zoom 60 minute masterclass with Brian, PLUS 30 minute Q&A. 
  • The shoulder is called the gateway to the upper extremity for good reason, without a strong and more importantly stable scapula and gleno-humeral joint you can’t efficiently and effectively transfer power through your arms. We will discuss the clinical anatomy and pathology for many common shoulder conditions and how to assess, train and finally progress them through exercise.

  • Not only will you come away with many new exercises that you can immediately do with your clients who have shoulder issues but also exercises to help prevent these issues from happening in the first place.

  • PDF handout of the entire session.
  • Entire recording for a full 90 days after the event to review or to watch it for the first time if you can't attend live.